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2020-07-17 20:44:53

To who may concern,

I would like to introduce our China authentication service to your company, we have our branch offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and Beijing, we provide all kinds of China authentication service for people who need for immigration applications or school applications without going back to China to do it, for all provinces in China, our services are fast, secure, and reliable, we will explain every detail of the process to you before we start, with our compatible price and outstanding services you can save your precious time to make more profit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer your questions, also please visit our website, there you will find more information about our services.

Tel: +1(424) 382-3564

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我们是中国公证处海外服务中心,简称:CNPO,可以为您提供专业代办各种中国公证文件服务,例如包括出生公证、无犯罪记录公证、亲属/父母关系公证、工作经历、学位证明、婚姻公证等多项公证业务,服务地区全中国各大省市,申请人无需亲自回国,我们在美国洛杉矶、纽约、华盛顿特区都有办公室,工作时间东部早上9点至西部时间晚上7点,我们可以为您事务所的移民业务提供高效率的服务以及非常优惠的价格,让您节省宝贵的时间来开发更多的客户,您可以查看我们的网站来了解更多服务详细信息,如果您有任何相关疑问,非常欢迎联系我们,我们的电话号码是 +1(424) 382-3564。


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E-Mail: [email protected]

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